Kick Your Fashion Up With These Glamorous Grey Knee High Boots

Boots aren’t every woman’s biggest priority, but they are definitely a necessity when cold weather starts hitting up. Apart from setting your personal goals these cool days, you also need to upgrade your wardrobe. While shoe trend comes and go, women knee boots are just a thing that has withstood a test of time-why?

Women knee boots seriously have a lot to offer. From suede faux women heels to riding boots, thigh-high women boots are on their way to becoming absolute wardrobe staples that every grown-up should own year after year.

Whether you are a lady looking for suede style boots for your country walk or just an admin working in a corporate company, there are plenty of designs that can offer a vintage feel to your outfit.

Scroll down for our list of grey knee high boots with luxurious look for all your fall events

BETTY – Women Sexy Over The Knee Suede Leather Boots

Obsessed with booties and women’s new fashion? These shoes mark the list of our first women collection. These shoes can bring serious heat to your staple wardrobe while getting your fashion game into the next level. If you are undecided between style and comfort, these shoes are a perfect choice for you.

These shoes not only are sexy to wear, but they also add pleasing texture to any outfit. Thus, they are a perfect pair with your mini skirt or with your favorite tuxedo winter dress. Wear them with your favorite jeans or leggings, they are just glamorous.

When it comes to construction, these shoes are fully lined to ensure comfort- your feet will stay warm throughout the day. The exterior design features high-end materials, durable enough to withstand harsh colder months. The outer looks cool and seriously chic no matter your outfit. The boots also feature a great heel height to provide style and comfort as you walk in. They boast quality, therefore, perfect to wear for any occasion.

We are not skimping on style alone. If you are feeling adventurous, these boots are a perfect choice for your wardrobe. They will create a sassy style statement with every person you meet. These leather high boots are simply the best!

• Pointed toe
• With slip-on closure
• No platforms

MEGAN – Fashion Sexy Night Out Thick High Heel Boots

If you are living in America or European countries, these women’s boots will see you through cold days. These are one of the perfect pairs of heels that can take you scenic spring strolls with a bit of style. They are purely designed for you-a lady with a fashionable mind. Don’t pass them up because they can take you in miles without getting tired.

The materials used in the construction of these classic grey knee-high boots are of superior quality so you can be sure of the durability. These shoes will well insulate your feet to ensure no water flowing in. These prevent your feet from freezing and going numb-something that you cannot get from other heels. The shoes are super cool and comfortable. The heel height is great to provide style and comfort. No slipping off, don’t avoid your promised date because of the deadliest ice patches.

The exterior is finished with nice touches. The interior is great too. The insole is softly padded with polyurethane materials for additional traction making them suitable to wear during a night out. They are highly polished to create a gloss appearance that would attract everybody’s attention. These shoes are also versatile; this means that they can look great with everything from short pants to your winter jeans. Effective cushioning is something you cannot compromise with these shoes. And for an assurance, plenty of customers have rated these comfy shoes 4.5 stars.

These shoes come with a slip-on closure for additional comfort.

• No platforms
• With slip-on closure
• Pointed toe
• Handmade

CORA- Faux Comfortable Suede Over The Knee Women Boots

These shoes feature cotton fabric shaft materials, comfortable enough for your feet. The inspiration behind these shoes is style. The design features a collection of smart items that make them one of the popular knee heels that women crave to include in their wardrobe.

If you are looking for a motorcycle shoe with a round toe knee heel and great platform height, MVP is waving at you. These shoes are going to offer you arch support and they come with super stylish color. The interiors design is just alluring and the heel height is perfect to wear all day long.

You just can’t go wrong with these shoes because of their comfort. You can walk several miles without pain or getting tired. Also, the shoes match perfectly with any outwear so you can dress them if you are interested in trend and fashion. The exterior design features rubber materials with plush lining to provide an extra layer of warmth.

• With platforms
• Round toe
• With lace-up closure

MELISSA – Women Fashion Autumn Grey Zipper Boots

It doesn’t matter what is thrown on your way, these knee boots can help you beat winter when storms are rolling up. They are so quick to put on and easy to pull off.

These practical shoes are a perfect complement to take for any outdoor excursion. The exterior is highly polished to create a stylish appearance. The materials are durable enough even if you are walking through harsh winter conditions.

Pairing these shoes with your favorite dress will provide a perfect feminine outfit that is beyond your expectations. These shoes also allow you to make a sassy statement of your own, meaning you can throw yourself with any outfit and you can still be on-trend.

• Round toe
• With zipper closure
• With platforms
• Handmade


Whether they are rubber or suede, with zipper or lace-up closure, the above shoes can enhance your outfit while giving you a stylish look that will make you feel like a real fashion guru.

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